Thursday, October 27, 2011



Tonight i had a great time at Jeffrey Campbell opening at Kolonaki...i wore my Jeffreys and i went...there i met a lot of friends...I am very happy for MaliYa's success and for meeting Pinelopi...the sexiest thing on Pinelopi except her Jeffreys is her personality i love her Jeffrey Campbell boutique...we will meet again!!!
Pinelopi Anastasopoulou & Ma Li Ya

Jeffrey Campbells (of course i had to wear mine)

Pinelopi & Me

Georgina Skalidi and friend

Mamacita On Fire

Crystalia Otherview wearing Ma Li Ya

Ma Li Ya 's Mustache

Jeffrey Campbell boutique owner

Arietta Theodorou

Fashion Freaks ME MaLiYa POSH

Ma Li Ya 's jewelry

Giselle Karounis make up artist and masks designer

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tamta loves Billy Hazel


Billy Hazel is a shoe designer and a very talented one ...check HERE and HERE..
Tamta loves his shoes ..... they look great on her !

more on Billy Hazel soon....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next Post ....coming soon....Jeffrey Campbell


 Jeffrey Campbell .......

What's in the box???Find out in a while....

Mi-Ro Coctail Party


Giannis Raptis the RO of the MI-RO

Stylist of the stars Fani Polixroniou

Celebrity Skin

Tamta and Dimitris Mastrokalos the MI of the MI-RO

Mi-Ro The Show Golden Hall


On Monday night...i attented the Mi-Ro Kalogirou Fashion Show at Golden Hall ...and thank god i did...because i had a lovely time i saw amazing clothes...and a lot of my that was a success....everything was perfection and well organized...Dimitris Mastrokalos and Giannis Raptis did an astonishing job..and that was exactly what i was expecting from them..Nails were by Nail Academy(Anna Almbanis) and the shoes..were by Kalogirou..Sponsors : Alpha Bank with ΚαλογήρουLuxury Cards American Express ® & Shiseido
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Mi-Ro Fashion Show Golden Hall 17-10-2011 Backstage


Δημήτρης Μαστρόκαλος & Γιάννης Ράπτης 

Anna Almbanis & Me

Mersida Kerama & Anna Almbanis (the Nail girls) Awesomeness !!

Vanessa Otilia

Katia Dede

Maria Papagrigoriou and Tamta


Fani Polychroniou & Me (my +1 for the evening) Thanks for the amazing time....