Saturday, October 20, 2012

'John John Denim' Commercial-Zac Efron


Can i say HOT??? YES I CAN HOT AS HELL...who would have expected it from High School Musical star?? Way to Go!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

TR2 event 17/10/2012



Monday, October 15, 2012

Chanel No5 Brad Pitt


I personally , don't like it..but it is what it is...It could be better..more glamorous maybe..

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Free camping photo stills August 2012


Beautiful memories ,scenery and after the first two feel like you want to stay there for the whole summer...The area we camped is called Elea , is in Peloponissos and is a great place for camping with running water, an endless beach and areas under trees to place your tent...without the sunlight waking you up or getting you too hot in the morning and during the day...
Waterfalls Neda are near we went and that was the best part for i want to visit every waterfall in Greece and not only...the water was too cold...i was impressed that it wasn't saw frogs and tadpoles...pure nature...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

H&M Discount


In all H&M stores(Greece) ..Awesome!!

Avant Premiere KAITI GARMPI Cosmopolis


It was a beautiful night full of music,feelings beautiful sounds...and images...Kaiti Garbi looked flawless in a great shape and sounded was true as the programe prepared us..i felt she was singing only for me..The performance starts for the first half hour with not so known songs...but very passionate while images of Kaiti are on the movie screen..All the clips playing on the movie screen were very well done and you could tell that every little detail ,even shadows on the walls of Kaiti was well prepared for the audience...After a while she started singing old very known song of hers in Jazzy versions....and you could see the crowed getting enthousiastic and clapping...and moving on their seats..We also saw photos of Kaitis childhood and personal photos...reminding us what a beautiful woman she is...She shared with us that she had a little bit of a stage fright at first..and later on that she enjoyed swimming with a dolphin in a video we saw on the screen..while Kaiti was singing Italian ...More about her clothes on a later post ...

Cosmopolis is in Athens,Maroussi....BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW HERE

Brad Pitt + Chanel No5


Nails of the day (Blixz)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

H&M opening in Kallithea ATHENS


Η H&M, IS opening the 25th  Greek store on  30 November. This new store will be in  Kallithea at Eleutheriou Benizelou 147 . There you will be able to find all men,women and children H&M collections.
This is going to be a 6 flores-store and 2000m2 large.All known and loved collections as Accessories, Underwear, Divided and Sport are going to be sold there.



SHANA clothes are simple,affordable,stylish clothes for everyday girls...who go for an effortless natural look...their F-W for 2012 collection is out...
Greek stores..

  • Athens Metro Mall: Λεωφ. Βουλιαγμένης 276, Αγ. Δημήτριος, 210 9769444
  • Κέντρο: Ερμού & Καπνικαρέας 1, Αθήνα, 210 3234100
  • Κορυδαλλός: Ταξιαρχών 35 & Σερρών, 210 4945224

Helena Paparizou Thetiki energeia BEST DRESSED 2012


You know by now i like Jennifer Lopez,Beyonce and Rihanna who are all successful,fearless,fierce,sexy and stylish women with amazing real bodies who aren't afraid to be proud for who they are...Did i mention talented ,with amazing voices this comes natural to me, when they ask me about Greek Female singers, to add Helena Paparizou to the list of my favourites for obvious reasons...She is the only Female greek artist who could stand next to them and not look like the odd one out...She is that good...

She wore.... AMcQueen shirt and shoes
                    YSL belt


Yes you know it..responsible for this style A-mazingness is  mr. AL GIGA.  Of course.

The event was held by AMITA MOTION