Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2O xronia foibos Best Dressed - MAZO


Sorry Girls who performed at the 20years Foivos concert this time...the BEST DRESSED AWARD goes to MAZO...who like a pro stepped out on the Foivos OAKA and beadazzled us....From the head to the shoes to the attitude...Hot and Stylish ...

Mazo always impress us with his choices in clothing and singing...and these choices place him among the few Greek artists...who able to stand next to International Stars.. around the world.
Style is important And he knows it.

 Mazo wore GIVENCHY clothes and
 Giuseppe Zanotti special order SPIDER MAN SWAROVSKI SHOES

responsible for this look is Stylist of the stars AL GIGA ...    (nothing in this world is random )

  Enjoy... Mazo in action...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

#DBFI my review


As most of you know by now...Last Sunday i was invited by John Foundis of FashionFreaks to talk about the group i created almost 3 years ago along with my blog...GREEK FASHION BLOGGERS to the #DBFI convention...enjoy some photos and my review.... a video of my speech will be uploaded in a few days...until then i am also attaching a sneak peek...

It was a beautifully organised event..Congrats to FashionFreaks we love you guys!
Lots of interesting people talked at the #DBFI mostly bloggers like me , fashion designers and companies and we heard a lot of opinions which was the point of organizing it and everyone was right from their point of view...
But as a blogger i feel the need to talk to my fellow bloggers and tell them somethings..
It was heard at the event..that us bloggers should stop asking all the time and worrying about if we are going to get paid, it was heard that we must act a certain way,it was said that we must not do this not do that not do the other to please the companies....

like they work for free ??

First of all..i liked and i respect all the previous and later speakers..and all of them said something that i can find useful ..but NO don't have to change to please anyone but yourself...companies need the blogs...blogs are the future..No one should take you for granted and be advertised for free...Be smart think how you can benefit from every post that you make...even when you don't ger may earn readers....Our focus should be our readers and not if we are going to be given a bag or a necklace from someone.(like we can't afford them on our own if we want) Our focus should be on being good , on enjoying ourselves...and that is going to show...and people are going to notice...and companies are going to contact you...and offer you things so for you to advertise them...Gifts shouldn't be the reason to blog..Do it for you otherwise you won't last more than a few years..

It all has to to with what kind of a blogger you want to you love fashion??style??events?? do you want to be famous?? to you want to make money?? to you want to be the next Sartorialist, the next Bryan Boy ot Style Bubble? JUST BE YOURSELF do what you love...and the rest will follow.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kate Hudson - Performance of "Americano"/"Dance Again"


Anna Del Rousso H&M - My top 3


39,95 euros

49,95 euros

39,95 euros
Do you agree??

Anna Del Rousso H&M collection Lookbook and Pricelist


Sunglasses 39.95 euros - Clutch 49,95euros

Bracelets starting at 29.95 euros

Headpiece 149euros - Necklace 49.95 euros- Shoes 149euros

Shoes 179euros - Suitcase 149euros

Necklace 39.95euros- Bracelets 39.95euros- Sunglasses 39.95euros

Jessica Nail Polishes - Fall Collection 2012-2013


               Cinnamon Kiss-Pumpkin Delight-Gingersnap-Brown Sugar-Champagne Bubbles-Brown Sugar                          

My favorites?? Let's just say...i love cinnamon,pumpkins and champagne....which ones do YOU LIKE??

Orders...NIXI NIXI

Stathis Samantas Fall/Winter 2012-2013


One of my favorite shoe designers and a friend of mine Stathis Samantas presented his new collection.I love it I want to buy at least two pairs of them...what do you think?? Visit his site for orders . StathisSamantas

Friday, September 7, 2012



Now that summer is over...i can reminisce on my Mykonos vacations ...
Mykonos photo diary..

H&M ring..awesomness
Mykonos sunset

Most stylish swimwear in Mykonos...Me love it !
Sushi on the beach...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jillian Michaels


Jillian Michaels' big announcement made me smile !!! YEAHHHHHHH

Monday, September 3, 2012



DoItEco - First Eco Fashion Show in Cyprus


DoItEco, the first eco-fashion show in Cyprus, took place with great success in the Municipal Palace in Nicosia.
The material that were used for the creations were cotton, silk, paper, wood, burlap, bamboo and other organic materials. 
The event was held under the auspices of Nicosia Municipality and with the support of the Greek Embassy, Intelligent Life and the Assocciation of Fashion Designers of Cyprus.
It is worth stating that Nicosia is the fifth country globally, after Dublin, Berlin, Vancouver and New York, to be hosting a fully organized eco fashion show.


Natar Georgiou

Stelios Koudounaris

filep_motwary_ parthenis



faliakos by_petridis

Frida Karadima

Sotiris Georgiou
Organisation Ally 
Event Facebook  and site  

THE LOOK: Rachel Zoe Talks Fashion


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Today's Outfit


Oc Shades Sunglasses
H&M Necklace
Jessica Nail Polish -670 Seductress
Oysho Top
Zara Pants
Marni H&M Sandals
Zara bag

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today's outfit ( 1/9/2012 )


Uterque sunglasses
Accesorize necklace
H&M top
Zara leggings
H&M ballerinas