Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Al Giga @ Sofos


Saturday morning after work i headed to kifissia to see Celebrity Stylist AL GIGA at Sofos Kifisia..sharing his knowledge on styling.I was admiring Al , before i met him, as a stylist...because it's obvious after seeing some of his work that he has a great taste on styling and clothes...now that i know him personally i admire him as a person too.....Al was wearing Prada top,Balmain jeans and Pierre Hardy shoes..
Models in the video are Christiana Gargaropoulou and Ioustina Alexandropoulos....
Also present at the event was lovely Maria Iliaki with her stylist Ioanna Salamoura...

Kifissia is amazing for walks and shopping...reminder : to go more often...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ebay.gr Wishlist - part 2


7)For my father who i love to death, i thought something practical...that will make his everyday routine easier...Braun Oral-B Vitality Sonic Electric Toothbrush + Timer i have the same and it's
A-mazing so....sold !

ps...people that think that having an electric toothbrush is '' i am bored to do it manually '' thing they have to think again...and understand that it is a ''do multiple times , a better job with the same effort'' i love electric toothbrushes!!Nice teeth are stylish !

8) For my sister, who is the person i care the most in the world..and who has a ton of wavy hair..and who wants to dry her hair fast...something practical too....a Revlon 9115U Jet Power 2000W Hair Dryer

9) For my co-workers something small but stylish of course and useful...like UNION JACK* Key Holders...i think they will love it...
British Flag everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it !!

10) For my little cousin Athina who is a ballet dancer and loves my hair bun and every time she meets me she asks me to make her hair like mine...

now...she'll be able to do it by herself !!!

Helena Paparizou @Dancing on Ice 27-11-2011


Helena's CARVEN dress was wonderful once again...thanks to amazing Celebrity Stylist AL GIGA...she looked so cute dancing barefoot....

You can buy Helena's dress HERE....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ebay.gr Wishlist


So....I chose one gift for each of my friends....from EBAY.GR ....because there i could find anything i wanted.....
1) For my mother...i was thinking a perfume..a soft smell ..pure and kind that reminds me of her...
that reminds my the pictures in our living room..she holding me as a baby...
My Glow by Jennifer Lopez is it.....

2) For my friend Heleni,ENDLESS by Sarah Jessica Parker , which is my favorite perfume in the world....i wear Endless at the moment....it's the best smell ever...it smells like elegance...fashion...style...freshness...
love it...

3)For my friend Nikos..who is a gadget freak..i will buy him a memory card for his i-pad....endless times have i heard him complaining of not enough memory card space...i think he is going to shut up now with this 16 GB SD memory card !!!! LOL....and a mobile phone case.....BLACK SILICONE SKIN CASE FOR SONY ERICSSON XPERIA X10 ....he is such a clumsy....

4) For my friend Sofia...that always compliments me for my eyelashes....a couple HYPNOSE mascaras...like the one i use...in a great price....Lancome is the mecca of mascaras!!!

5) For my stylish friend Artemis who has the best personal style....and looks for a new pair of clear glasses...but hasn't found the one yet...i may just have found it for her.....

6) For my friend Evelina...i was thinking...a clear umbrella that will suit with all her clothes....
oh..also she hasn't stop talking about a clear umbrella since she saw it...on Gossip Girl...

to be continued......

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ermou 54 H&M Press Event


In stores tomorrow...RUN !
In Greek stores(ermou 22 and ermou 54 Athens & Tsimiski 40 Thessaloniki)
 on November 18th
and online on November 17th

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



  It took me a while to get there...but now i love her new hair do !!!!Love it !


Ilia Darlin @ HERESIS


Ilia wearing ILIA

Jeff Montana & Ilia Darlin

Konstantinos Melis by Laskos HERESIS Backstage


i LOVE this photo...look the model in the white cape she is fierce...and feel free to zoom in anywhere....

A-mazing clothessssssssss love them


I want this clear trenchcoat...Christiana Gargaropoulou + Vanessa Otilia

Vanessa Otilia
 and the final touch....is Anna Almbanis'

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Gifts


Is it too soon to think about it???It's never too soon...i think i have to be prepared...so i started planning this year's Christmas gifts....
I have several ideas...i decided to shop them online...as its easier and i choose whatever i want ...i want options....a lot of them...so this year i am going to buy everything from EBAY.GR ...where i can find anything i can think of...for me and for the people i care about.....ohhhh there are so many gifts to choose from...i have to make some decisions....i cant buy everything!!!Or can i ???Look at the prices !!!
Start browsing...it's awesome!!!

                Now i am thinking about it....i'll buy a GIFT for my readers too!!!!Stay tuned!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Versace for H&M Fashion Show in New York


Versace for HM Fashion Event




It was about time they would start selling Cos clothes ONLINE!!!!I am so happy......many Cos hauls from now on....thanks god for my friends abroad....until they start shipping to Greece too!!
Just the most amazing clothing brand in the world!!!!!
Here is the new collection....Autumn Winter 2011 Lookbook

Versace for H&M Pricelist


In Greek stores(ermou 22 and ermou 54 Athens & Tsimiski 40 Thessaloniki) on November 18th
and online on November 17th

Δερμάτινο φόρεμα| 249 Βραχιόλι | 24,95 Καστόρινες μπότες | 129

Μεταξωτή μπλούζα | 59,95 Μεταξωτή φούστα | 99 Δερμάτινο μπουφάν | 199

Μεταξωτό φόρεμα| 179 Δάχτυλίδι | 19,95

Μεταξωτό φόρεμα| 179 Μεταλικό Βραχιόλι | 24,95

Μεταξωτό φόρεμα| 129 Κολιε | 39,95

Μεταξωτό φόρεμα| 129 Κολάν | 29,95
Φόρεμα| 99

Μεταλιζέ φόρεμα| 199

Μεταξωτό φόρεμα| 129 τσάντα | 99 Καστόρινεα μπότες | 129

Μεταξωτό μπούστο| 99 παντελόνι | 59,95

Δερμάτινο μπουφάν| 299 πουκάμισο| 39,95 σορτς | 39,95

Σακάκι| 129 πουκάμισο| 39,95 Τζιν παντελονι | 59,95

Πουλόβερ από Κασμίρι| 69,95 Δερμάτινο παντελόνι | 249

Μπουφάν| 99 Παντελόνι| 49,95

Σακάκι| 129 Πουκάμισο | 39,95 Παντελόνι | 49,95

Δερμάτινη ζώνη| 49,95 Φανελάκι| 29,95 Παντελόνι | 59,95