Friday, January 4, 2013

Oysho Haul


I love Oysho's Winter 2012-2013 i bought some of them but i have a feeling they won't be the last pieces of that dreamy collection !

My picks....

The collection video...

Fame Ellinikos Kosmos


One of the biggest musicals ever is on in Greece and greek theatre Ellinikos i couldn't miss it..I went to the avant premiere..and i had a very nice time...A lot of great actors,singers and dancers are a part of it.Great play for young people and the ones who love to dance and to sing !
Book your tickets now...HERE

Clothes by Nike,Eastpack and Celebrity Skin.

Best Voices in the play:Demy,Nantia Mpoule,Isaias Matiaba
Best Actors in the play: Konstantinos Lagos,Demy,Christos Zan Batist
Funniest Actors:Andreas Konstantinidis,Jason Wastor
Best Dancers in the play:Isaias Matiaba,Christos Zan Batist,Anna Athanassiadi
Biggest surprise: Nivo

Take a look at a video i made with some moments of the premiere:

Well Done !

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013


                   Happy 2013 everybody i hope this year will be our best yet..I love you ALL !!
H&M earrings
My new year's blog resolution is :
(i hope and want to keep it, it remains to be seen)