Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frida Karadima...FASHION SHOW ss 2010


This morning i woke up early to drive Ekali Club...for FRIDA KARADIMA's fashion show....the place was elegant and full of sun.....
I was well dressed ladies.....drinking coffee and tea.
The collection named FAR EAST REFLECTIONS  was inspired by east colours and culture.
Futuristic lines that are hugging the woman's body.The fabrics used were silk,sequin and brocar.
Color pallet:brown,white,gold and a unique nice...warm and earthy !
Before the show...we heard Frida's CV and i was impressed..i have to say..nothing is random.I talked with her  after the show and she was so friendly and nice....AND rocking the amazing shoes...that the models also wore...and she designed ofcourse...
Her atelier is at Khfisia.... diom.kuriakou 16 telephone..2106231956
Creatuve Director AL GIGA
Nail Design << NYXI NYXI>>

Personal wanna buy item...THE black SHOES omg I LOVE THEM

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