Friday, July 30, 2010

Avarques menorquinas


Something that a girl starts noticing after a few days in Barcelona and Mallorca is that a lot of people...A LOT....are wearing these shoes...

Avarca de Menorca from Joan Pons on Vimeo.

Menorca's most traditional footwear is called the avarca. It is a sandal with a coutchouc sole and a leather instep with a strap at the heel made of the same material. Formerly they were worn by shepherds and labourers, now they are worn by their kings and queens.

This is the pair i bought for myself...and i wear them all the time...

Today they are made in all colours and in different designs and, although they are usually made of cows hide, they can also be found in material, woven esparto grass or plaited raffia. There is even a seasonal fashion tendency which this year favours patterns and last year die-stamping

Menorcan avarques are made in Es Mercadal, Alaior, Ciutadella and Ferreries. They are sold in shoe shops all over the Balearic Islands.

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