Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lukas Alifragis


Lukas Alifagis is a wonderful young man, with a good heart, and a very talented fashion designer.I had a wonderful time with him the other every time i see him.....and i never have kept a secret my preference on his designs....
I felt so proud of him when i saw this photograph in Life&Style...beautiful model Doukissa Nomikou in Lukas....
LUKAS in Life&Style
issue 121/ Jan.2011
But this isn't the first time Lukas has caught everyone's attention...
Let's go a few years back...when Lukas was a little boy at the age of 3-4 years old....when he instinctly was drawing women figures with clothes...since then...since he remembers hmself he was drawn to fashion like a moth to a flame....
LUKAS black coat with feathers
Haute Couture Collection

He started studing architecture at the Athens National Polytechnic..according to the family tradition but very soon after he got the first place at a fashion contest he used his money price to pay for his fashion school without anyone knowing.Bold choice many will say...but Lukas made the most important choice of his life then.....without a second thought!
golden jacket/corset/belt LUKAS

He also got the first place in "Heering Accessorize 2009" among 12.000 young designer from all over the world!!!
Marie Claire 18/09/09

He presented one mini collection called "Old Holywood Glam" in March 2010

and his first complete collection called "FUTURE SHOCK_womachines" in October 2010(This collection was also shown at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August)

LUKAS black trousers/ black heels/golden top

LUKAS black jacket/ golden buttons/ black shorts/ black heels/ eyewear
LUKAS black trousers/black heels/ padded jacket/eyewear

A lot of local celebrities have prefered his creations for their appearances
Tamta in LUKAS
Despina Bandi in Lukas body with feathers

 (In her video Despina Vandi unveils herself in Lukas black underwear....)
or even covers or  photoshoots....
Tamta in LUKAS
These days Lukas is in discussions with buyers from all over the world and in particular with 3 luxury boutiques in Denmark and Sweden,2 stores in Europe,1 in U.S.A. and 2 very known boutiques in Greece.
Lukas considers his brand synonym with luxury ...well made clothes... tasteful and classy ones...
We TOTALLY agree!!!!
Lukas & Me

 You can Buy Lukas and contact him at his ATELIER which is in Peiraias (Χατζηκυριακού 115) 4th floor
By appointment Only
TEL 2104516261 mobile 6946092474


  1. i heard for him already and i really love his work,he's such a talent!!the "old Hollywood glam" is pure perfection!!!

  2. he's amazing!!thanx for sharing!

  3. AMAZING:)xxx visit my blog when you have free time:) kisses xx

  4. he is amazing yes.....thanks girls for your comments