Sunday, May 15, 2011

TREND ALERT (Hologram hair Films)


When my friend Anna Amlbanis asked me to try these on.....

i of course did it...and she was right they are awesome!!!
Definitely a RE-DO!!!

They are discreet....yes they are....they are mostly like sparkles in your hair....that everybody asks me....i had to answer to numerous people....
they are very easy to apply on they aren't can remove them can curly them or do anything to them and they last for weeks....there is a very big range of colours...and in Greece you can find them ONLY at Nyxi Nyxi nail academy at 210 3318005

Last but not least....they came up with hair feathers also....which i totally loved!!!!

Also exclusively available at Nyxi Nyxi nail academy at 210 3318005...!!!!

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  1. Ha! Thanx for the tip! Looks like a great idea :D