Monday, December 12, 2011 gifts REVIEW


Gifts started coming and i am going to let you know everything!From the package to the product!!!

First of all they came quickly...and in the morning...before 2pm which was awesome mainly cause i work in the afternoon and secondly cause i am so sick and tired of couriers who never come on the time they have to, never ring the bell ,they just leave the note that says i have to go and pick it thumbs up for and public post office!!!
The packages were like most of my Internet purchases packages,as you can see in the photo....

First gift i am going to review is ...MY GLOW perfume which i bought for my mother...

This perfume smells like fresh washed a i wanna smell it all day!

The bottle is vintage-looking and elegant...reminding me my grandma's dressing i loved it !!!!

So did my mother!!!

                                                                       BUY HERE

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