Sunday, March 11, 2012



I have to say that was one of the best Press Giftbags i've ever received and that is important because it indicates a company's professionalism...they called me in advanced to learn my exact size (yeah there were times that other companies..sent me an x-small t-shirt , like everybody wears not professionals (I DONT WANT TO TELL WHAT COMPANY DID THAT BUT ITS GREEK AND IT starts with a Bull and it ends with a doza) . So back to Triumph Best Giftbag ever Best Gift ever Best usb stick ever and yeah!! You did good guys...Last but not least...awesome designs and unique quality got me now i am an eternal fun...I can't wait to get into a Triump boutique and buy coveted item....a Garter Belt in black... an extra that every size is know cups don't stop at C  as in most of the shops....Triumph is my new favourite lingerie shop...