Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drugstore beauty haul


Hello ...i've been very bussy lately and hadn't enough time to blog as much as i wanted but here i am again and i'll try to blog more ofter as it makes me happier and i cant live without blogging and fashion...speaking of fashion i have bought so many things i want to talk you about so stay i bought some beauty products from the drugstore..take a look...
So i bought a face cream and an Aloe Vera gel for the face and body....i used to be in love with a boy who was studying crop production and had told me that if i would grow an aloe plant in my garden and every day would wash my face with its extract..i would be young yes! now you know my secret..also i bought a muscle cream for my calves(been taking Kung fu lessons and i love it )!Also for you that wear contact lences remeber to keep your eyes hydrated my oculist keeps telling me that all the time..and what better than to breath some mentol (Sneezy) when feelling your nose kinda blocked??

Beauty Hauls from the drugstore and from the supermarket were always equally a ritual for me!!It's very hard to remeber every little beauty detail when you are super bussy believe me i know...but It is worth the bother..

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