Friday, August 31, 2012

Zara Shoes


Finally Zara kinda lowers it's prices ,at least that was my impression the other day while I was browsing the high heeled shoes in the store near where i live ...Lately we had seen shoes prices reaching up to 120,150 euros..This time everything was under 80 Euros...NICE ...And really ask yourself where else in your neighborhood can you buy that expensive-looking high heels for less than 100 dollars?

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  1. The thing with Zara is that most of the pieces look like exact replicas of pieces off the runway from Celine or Rag and Bone and that two-tone collar shirt could easily pass as a Miu-Miu top. So yes, everything there looks like a great bargain. On the other hand considering the sometimes questionable quality, you don't want to even spend that much on something that won't last or will look shabby and cheap. I really am in a love-hate relationship with Zara...