Sunday, September 23, 2012

#DBFI my review


As most of you know by now...Last Sunday i was invited by John Foundis of FashionFreaks to talk about the group i created almost 3 years ago along with my blog...GREEK FASHION BLOGGERS to the #DBFI convention...enjoy some photos and my review.... a video of my speech will be uploaded in a few days...until then i am also attaching a sneak peek...

It was a beautifully organised event..Congrats to FashionFreaks we love you guys!
Lots of interesting people talked at the #DBFI mostly bloggers like me , fashion designers and companies and we heard a lot of opinions which was the point of organizing it and everyone was right from their point of view...
But as a blogger i feel the need to talk to my fellow bloggers and tell them somethings..
It was heard at the event..that us bloggers should stop asking all the time and worrying about if we are going to get paid, it was heard that we must act a certain way,it was said that we must not do this not do that not do the other to please the companies....

like they work for free ??

First of all..i liked and i respect all the previous and later speakers..and all of them said something that i can find useful ..but NO don't have to change to please anyone but yourself...companies need the blogs...blogs are the future..No one should take you for granted and be advertised for free...Be smart think how you can benefit from every post that you make...even when you don't ger may earn readers....Our focus should be our readers and not if we are going to be given a bag or a necklace from someone.(like we can't afford them on our own if we want) Our focus should be on being good , on enjoying ourselves...and that is going to show...and people are going to notice...and companies are going to contact you...and offer you things so for you to advertise them...Gifts shouldn't be the reason to blog..Do it for you otherwise you won't last more than a few years..

It all has to to with what kind of a blogger you want to you love fashion??style??events?? do you want to be famous?? to you want to make money?? to you want to be the next Sartorialist, the next Bryan Boy ot Style Bubble? JUST BE YOURSELF do what you love...and the rest will follow.


  1. Your post is a relief! I couldn't agree more. I don't want my blog to replace magazines just because that’s what suits companies. I believe I should do what I think is best, be myself and If this leads to a success that's perfect. Of course it would be nice to have some guidelines but I don’t want anyone making any kind of RULES just because it suits them better. Internet, social media and blogs is a free world of expressing yourself. And only if you feel completely free you can be as creative as it gets. Thank you Maria for making it clear.

  2. GoStylish GoMaria!!! Great speech !