Wednesday, November 28, 2012

An - Christoforos Papakaliatis


A MUST SEE film.

Few days ago i was at the avant premiere of the movie AN which greek actor,writer and director Christoforos Papakaliatis brought to light.Christoforos is a young,talented and beautiful director who is known mostly about his work on television projects but it was high time that he did something on cinema..because if not him? then who else? ...Everyone was excited for sure and intrigued when they heard about a movie coming out that Christoforos made.The movie is talking of course about love and relationships..something that Christoforos seems to understand and be able to express very successfully through his work.Having seen the trailer before i saw the movie last Tuesday i was skeptical mostly because the movie seems dark and talking about Greek economic problems and honestly i tent to watch happy-ish films.The premiere was packed with celebrities and press who came to watch the film along with Christoforos.

After having watched it i have only one thing to say...that you have to see it..It's a beautiful made film...something that Christoforos is known for.Well done to every little detail, beautiful music,scenery and story.The movie is about two parrarel realities of a love story...dealing at the same time with what we are leaving us Greeks around 30 when we fell in love...i saw myself in many parts of the movie...i saw the actors dealing with a lot of what i am dealing...

The thing i liked the most in the movie apart from beeing funny and that  despite whatever decisions we make...and whatever version of our lives we live...we will meet our one and only, sooner or later...Different realities , same characters.

Everything i miss from my life, i miss it less than i would miss you if we were not together.

I felt so nice leaving the relieved like when its right it will happen for me ( whatever is that that i am searching for) and there is a reason that it takes a while.

-How old are you 30-31 ? Women in your age are looking to get married and have children ! - Ohhh,you are kind of an asshole!!    

I want to personally congratulate Christoforos and everyone involved for this beautiful night.
Need i say more?? I highly recommend it !
Awesome dress by Konstantinos Melis by Laskos

I also want to thank OTE TV for the hospitality and the wonderful jazzy soundtack of the movie...

The movie is out on November 29th !! Go enjoy it !


  1. my dear this is an adorable post, i'd love to see it soon as well,
    kisses my dearest,