Thursday, April 25, 2013



Last night thanks to WIND  I watched the avant premiere of IRON MAN 3 3D and....I LOVE IT !

Best invitation ever !

     Ten things that you get in the movie...

  1. Awesome bomb scenes (like a lot A LOT of them )
  2. Cute kid scenes
  3. Fierce bad guys (big time)
  4. Air force one plus president (a white one..but ok )
  5. People breathing fires
  6. Bombing Gwyneth abs
  7. Plot twists
  8. Airplanes,Helicopters,Cars
  9. Huge teddy bears
  10. and as much Tony Starkiness you can handle or should i say cockiness ?
Either way...iT's a MUST SEE ...i had a blast !

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