Sunday, June 30, 2013

L'Oréal Paris - Ideal Glow,Ideal Soft,Ideal Fresh


Ideal Fresh Αφρίζον Νερό Καθαρισμού  ,  Ideal Glow Αισθησιακό Λάδι Καθαρισμού  Ideal Soft Νερό Καθαρισμού Micellaire

Did you clean your skin today?? Always Do ! It's the number One beauty rule.
L'Oréal Paris gave me to try these amazing products...and i am impressed!
They are new ,easy to use and leave my skin clean as i've been cleaning it for days !!
See instructions on how to use them...HERE , HERE and HERE.

My favourite is..the Micellaire water because i tend to clean my skin with cotton...but if you love water....the oil and the foam are the best! Believe me they are beyond everything i've tried until now !

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