Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lukas Alifragkis goes to the theatre


Lukas Alifragis's new project is Greek theatrical play  Hungry anyone? at Michalis Kakogiannis foundation where he has lent some of his talent..and has created all the costumes for the show.
The play is about cannibalism  in every form that we meet it in our society...hunger for money, for love, for fame, for sex ....for sucess...It is a very intense show..the actors gave their all ..
Lukas with  Script Writer, Director, Editor of the play ATHINA PAPA
Lukas with lights director Baggelis Rassias
From left to right :LUKAS,Giannis Kifonidis,Dimitris Maziotis,Elena Aggelopoulou,Konstantinos Rodis and Athina Pappa

The premiere was on Thursday night and i was there to give you info about everything.....The play will keep up entertaining us until 30 of January....The team of the actors are called "ΣΥΝ ΑΘΗΝΑ..."
I recommend it...especially if you want to see great costumes...great perfomances from young actors...and to
get concerned about social hunger ...
 Stratos Gorgoglou is the only known actor...and i was glad to see that he was blending in with all the other talented actors...and letting them shine..he gives a very strong two favorite actors of the play were....Konstantinos Rodis and Eleni Tolia...who is also a musician of the Sequence theory Project group...which is responsible for the music of the show.....which was very professional and totally was getting you into the correct mood....also Giannis Kifonidis was very entertaining.
Lukas and Eleni Tolia 
Tips for watching the play....
1) Have a bottle of water in your bag so you wont get thirsty..the play is without a break....
2)Turn off your mobile.....everything can be heard in that room....
3) You  should better choose a seat from the second row and back...unless you want to feel the spit of Stratos Gorgoglou on your face....(see?stong performance) a good way.

After the play i got my hands on the clothes......and i had fun with Lukas and the Masks for the play.....
Me wearing LUKAS

Lukas costume
Lukas costume
I had a great night....Thanks Lukas and Michalis Kakogiannis foundation for that...

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