Monday, June 13, 2011



Crackle Nails are the new trend ...and of course i had to try it on.....

These are 3 of the Crackle glaze colours black,grey and white.

This is exactly the pattern that the nail polish gets..on the nail..

My review is that i haven't really tried them ...because of the endless combinations...I for sure liked them....especially with long nails....i didn't really like the white one..but i guess i haven't found the correct combination yet ...Remember only apply the crackle nail polish once..and fast because it starts crackling immediately....

Every nail company has come with a crackle collection..and crackle colours...choose your favorite !!!

 Greek can find them here... Ευαγγελίστριας 7 Σύνταγμα,
Τηλ. 210 3318005

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