Monday, November 28, 2011 Wishlist - part 2


7)For my father who i love to death, i thought something practical...that will make his everyday routine easier...Braun Oral-B Vitality Sonic Electric Toothbrush + Timer i have the same and it's
A-mazing so....sold !

ps...people that think that having an electric toothbrush is '' i am bored to do it manually '' thing they have to think again...and understand that it is a ''do multiple times , a better job with the same effort'' i love electric toothbrushes!!Nice teeth are stylish !

8) For my sister, who is the person i care the most in the world..and who has a ton of wavy hair..and who wants to dry her hair fast...something practical too....a Revlon 9115U Jet Power 2000W Hair Dryer

9) For my co-workers something small but stylish of course and UNION JACK* Key Holders...i think they will love it...
British Flag everywhere !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Love it !!

10) For my little cousin Athina who is a ballet dancer and loves my hair bun and every time she meets me she asks me to make her hair like mine...

now...she'll be able to do it by herself !!!

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