Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Helena Paparizou Thetiki energeia BEST DRESSED 2012


You know by now i like Jennifer Lopez,Beyonce and Rihanna who are all successful,fearless,fierce,sexy and stylish women with amazing real bodies who aren't afraid to be proud for who they are...Did i mention talented ,with amazing voices this comes natural to me, when they ask me about Greek Female singers, to add Helena Paparizou to the list of my favourites for obvious reasons...She is the only Female greek artist who could stand next to them and not look like the odd one out...She is that good...

She wore.... AMcQueen shirt and shoes
                    YSL belt


Yes you know it..responsible for this style A-mazingness is  mr. AL GIGA.  Of course.

The event was held by AMITA MOTION

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