Thursday, October 11, 2012

Avant Premiere KAITI GARMPI Cosmopolis


It was a beautiful night full of music,feelings beautiful sounds...and images...Kaiti Garbi looked flawless in a great shape and sounded was true as the programe prepared us..i felt she was singing only for me..The performance starts for the first half hour with not so known songs...but very passionate while images of Kaiti are on the movie screen..All the clips playing on the movie screen were very well done and you could tell that every little detail ,even shadows on the walls of Kaiti was well prepared for the audience...After a while she started singing old very known song of hers in Jazzy versions....and you could see the crowed getting enthousiastic and clapping...and moving on their seats..We also saw photos of Kaitis childhood and personal photos...reminding us what a beautiful woman she is...She shared with us that she had a little bit of a stage fright at first..and later on that she enjoyed swimming with a dolphin in a video we saw on the screen..while Kaiti was singing Italian ...More about her clothes on a later post ...

Cosmopolis is in Athens,Maroussi....BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW HERE

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