Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias show...Ekali Club June 2010


Today morning was a beautifull elegand and stylish morning...for me...and all the other guests of Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias...

Mr.Zoulias is a very talented fashion designer...that every show of like a travel to the old times....the classy ones...

He has been involved in the fashion indusrty for more that 25 years.... In 2003 he ventured out on his own , creating shoes and bags company under the label.

VASSILIS ZOULIAS  OLD ATHENS....His first show....took place in 2007,while since spring 2008 he maintains his personal Atelier of  Haute Coutoure VASSILIS EMMANUEL ZOULIAS. 

me and LIFE IN STYLE...


Amazed as i was after the show...I went to congrats Mr.Zoulias..and introduce myself...and he offered me a "proud moment"....he told me he knows my blog...that made my morning.....
we took a photo together...which was not very good...that's why i am not posting it...but i am sure we will have more opportunities....

Something else i love about Mr.Zoulias is how modest he is...that is how a talented and successful 
 person is...not in need to be diva-ish...

I wish for more elegance.....from everywhere and everybody in the future....elegance is never enough..and is much needed....


  1. Latreuw h mallon L A T R E Y W oti kanei!!!!!!!!!!!! An mporousa tha agoraza olh th sulogh kai tha ta foraga kathe mera!!!! Auto einai glamorous gia mena.

    Epishs xeromai para polu pou einai semnos!!! Polu spanio stis meres mas to talento na sunodeuetai apo semnothta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. όντως τα ρούχα του πέρα απο την κομψότητα που αποπνέουν πάντα, είναι εξαιρετικά καλοραμένα με υφάσματα μοναδικά, πράγμα που δείχνει οτι σέβεται τους πελάτες του, γεγονός που τον κάνει ίσως τον πιο αγαπημένο μου Ελληνα σχεδιαστή (μπουχτίσαμε λίγο με τιμές που δε συμβαδίζουν με την ποιότητα ετσι δεν είναι?)...lucky u...prepei na perasate iperoxa!!

  3. HE is one of a kind!I adore all of his creations!lucky u!

  4. really lucky u!! πολυ ωραιες ολες οι δημιουργιες του!!

  5. aw i love everything he creates!! so feminine and chic and 50's-like, which is by far my favorite decade, every piece is priceless! both shoes and dresses! lucky you! please take me with you next time!!lol :)

  6. @anytime...are we friends on facebook?add me ?
    and joing GREEK FASHION BLOGGERS....
    nai itan teleia.....panta apolambano ta show..tou ta leme tin pempti kai sas exo kai mia eklpiksi...mikroula lol