Thursday, March 24, 2011



After meeting INDASHIO....i have INDASHIO-FEVER still going strong in me....I love him ....I will totally meet him again....he brings a smile to my face...and that is priceless....
Except his vivid personality i got that he is very he backs all the craziness up....
I am disappointed with AXDW crew...that didn't let him do his thing on stage like it was supposed to be...
Damn you conservative people....Anyway still you glowed honey and you brought us smiles....great feelings...and your talent..You are a shining star....A Diva....with the best heart....LOVE YOU..Only great things the future beholds for you ....
Enjoy the best show of the AXDW...the perfect closure to this event...I LOVE YOU INDASHIOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indashio said:
“I am beyond thrilled to be making my European debut at Design Week. The history, spirituality and culture of the city and Greece in general have always inspired me as well as their appreciation for fashion. I’m looking forward to showing my collection and having the discerning European audience finally have the New York INDASHIO catwalk experience. I’m crossing my fingers and toes they will approve.” 
WE SO DO!!!!!!!
TV personality, entrepreneur, fashion designer, and stylist unveiled his 2011 women’s ready to wear collection called “Gaudy” to the discerning Athens’s audience with his 2011 women’s collection during Athens Xclusive Designer Week (AXDW). The collection was inspired by God, spirituality, bright lights and Liberace. Gaudy features fun and funky aesthetic featuring lots of strass, sparkles and bursts of bling. The collection will come alive with top models strutting like rock stars as music blast all through out the show. The designer promises it will be the most unforgettable moment during designer week. The collection embodies the reflection of what Indashio’s feels and sees every day. “This collection is all about my personal relationship with GOD, spirituality and my deep gratitude to be able to create. Liberace’s flair and fame really inspired me as well this season which is why some of my collection has a little touch of religion as well as a burst of bling

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  1. Working with Indashio was one of the highlights of my career. His personality shines more than his clothes. Too bad the AXDW didn't realize our vision for his styling! He was suppose to take off the toga and wear nothing but the gold leaf!! It was a celebration of Greek history, art, and a tribute to the ancient Gods!!!!The Glam God becomes a Greek God.