Sunday, March 13, 2011

LUKAS presents FW2011 "PRIMORDIAL GLAM_manimals".


The new collection is gonna rock u 4 sure!!
U have to choose. GO GLAM OR GO HOME!!
LUKAS presents FW2011 "PRIMORDIAL GLAM_manimals".
Edgy, dark, innovative, glam, avant-gard: 5 words that describe exactly the Fall Winter Collection.
This season it's about the dualism of human nature. Light and dark, Sexy and Austere, Masculine and Feminine, Man and Animal.

LUKAS reinvents primordial glam.
An edgy collection with strong dark touch,provocative and austere.
Luxurious fabrics, exclusive materials, new proportions.
Remember: "What shock u today, is tommorow's trend".
Thursday 31/03/2011 at 18.30 pm

Wait a lot more from Go Stylish blog and LUKAS...

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