Saturday, March 19, 2011

Simpetheroi from Tyrana


The talented duo strikes again...with one more very successful play....Simpetheroi from Tirana.....
When it comes to Thanasis Papathanasiou+Mixalis Reppas i know that i will laugh .......

And that's exactly what happened when i watched it....Funny dialogues...great actors that gave their best on the stage....I recommend it for sure....We Need To Laugh More! 

Aleksantras Avenue 106, Ambelokipoi
Tel.: 2106457086
Shows: Sat.6.15 pm.  Wed., Sund 8 pm., Thur,Friday, Sat. 9.15 p.m.
Tickets.: € 25, 22, € 18, Stud: € 16.Every Thursday over 65 under 25 ,€ 18.
Duration: 120'

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